The Essential Gardening Tools You Should Possess

Taking care of your garden takes a lot of time and passion, but you cannot go very far if you do not possess the adequate tools for the job. Gardening involves a lot of activities, including planting, taking care of and removing plants, trimming them, keeping pests under control, etc.
There are a lot of tools available to make your job easier, but not all of them are really necessary. Plus, you would have to spend some amount of money if you want several, quality tools, not to mention the storage space necessary to keep them all when they are not in use. You could even ask a friend of yours to borrow their tools when necessary. For example, you will only need a stump grinding machine if you fell down a tree, which means that you won’t have much use for it every day. Check this website if you are looking for stump grinding.

For the above-mentioned reasons, you should prioritise a few essential tools whenever making any purchase. You could buy something additional if you have money to spare, but try to get all of the following tools first:

  • Spade – A gardening spade is necessary for a lot of things, including anything which involves digging the ground, such as planting your new saplings or moving your potted plants into an area of your garden more favourable to their growth necessities. Spades are not that expensive, and you can purchase a good quality example without spending a fortune.
  • Shovel – While a spade is good enough for most digging jobs, you want something bulkier and sturdier if you are planning on digging hard soil. You can try to dig hard soil with a spade, but you will most likely end up wasting a lot of time and feeling pain all over your wrists. A shovel will just get the job done much faster and is therefore quite important when trying to dig the soil for larger plants.
  • Cutting Tools – From time to time, you will need to tend to your plants by pruning them or cutting off branches, leaves, flowers, seed buds, etc. For your cutting purposes, you will need a small selection of tools. Shears are perfect for trimming undergrowth, while you will need some garden pruners to make small cuts on your plants. More robust and thicker branches may require you to purchase tree loppers as well. Coastland Arbor Services will help you to find the best tree Loppers and tree removal.
  • Garden Hoe – A hoe will be necessary for large-scale jobs such as digging trenches or weeding out an entire section of your garden. Additionally, it can help you move large quantities of soil much faster than if you used other means. Always keep one in your garden or else you likely won’t be doing much gardening at all.